Annoying Attitudes of Pinoys that Need To Get Rid Of

Filipinos, wherever they may be, possess the same good and bad  habits. Filipinos in Austria are no exemptions. We carry those bad habits wherever we go, and it seems impossible for us to get rid of them.

I am very much convinced these bad habits are among the hindrances to the progress not only of the Filipino community but of the country in general. The Philippines is rich both in human and natural resources. Also, Filipinos are intelligent and we have the capability to compete globally. If we are able to eradicate such bad habits, surely we can go forward and change for the better.

I want to enumerate some of the unpleasing habits I observed among Filipinos in Austria.

  • Being intolerant – whenever somebody invited us into any gathering, we make it as our habit to show up late.  We can always come up with what we think is a valid excuse why we are late.  Filipinos have a  need to feel important so they figure that if they show up late, they will get the attention they need.
  • We tend to discriminate – We disfavor people who call us “Ausländer”. But if you think about it, we discriminate our own people too.  Filipinos in Austria have different groups for specific regions. There are associations for Ilocanos, Visayans, etc. Some groups do not want anything to do with other groups.
  • We are “Great Pretenders” – A number of us claim we are religious people, some of us can even quote the bible verses really good. But when we hear somebody gossiping , we find ourselves participating into the discussion.
  • Pride and Jealousy– We love to be associated, and be seen  with somebody whom we  think is  famous or rich. Actually in reality very few of us like them, Filipinos in general are jealous towards these people.  Some of you will even go out of their way to be critical to these people.
  • We are egoistic – not only Filipinos in Austria practice this behavior. A lot of people in general have this attitude, that every time they help someone, that they are expecting something in return.  Nobody wants to sacrifice their own need for the sake of their own people.

I’m challenging fellow Filipinos in Austria to get rid of these habits. I believe if we stand together, we can make a change for the good of our community.

HEctor Pascua

Hector Pascua is ABS-CBN Austria correspondent and an active supporter of the Filipino community in Austria.

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