When crabs pull other crabs down into the bucket

Crab Mentality, a dirty human trait that stems from envy, spite, and other feelings. We measure our success and happiness compared to that of others – if they succeed and we don’t, that has to mean we are failures.  If others present as happy and positive, and we don’t feel that way our ourselves or our own lives, we can’t be happy for others‘ happiness.

Like crabs in a bucket, we try to pull people down, to stay in the bucket with us because watching them get out is too painful for ourselves.

But come to think of it in a positive light and analyze the crab behavior more carefully. You will notice that the escaping crab from a basket is not actually being pulled down to the bottom but in reality is being pushed up on top of the pyramid formed by the other crabs.

The maneuver actually is a kind of reward or recognition of the achiever; a salute to the stronger and daring member; actually a kind of appreciation for the more adventurous and heroic crab in the clan. It is in fact a strategy for unity to keep a group or organisation together.

If Filipinos could only apply this positive crab mentality there shall be less fighting or quarelling as we shall be congratulating the winners and praising the victorious. We shall be preventing them from going away from us to serve as our mentors, helpers and inspirations.

We certainly can possibly learn many lessons from the crabs. Let us help our leaders to stay up and cooperate with the good things they are doing instead of degrading their achievements. Let us build many pyramids for the many heroes and heroines of our society. Let us stick to one another as a family and as a nation.

Help lift others up and out of the bucket. Encourage them to climb to the top and get out of the bucket. Encourage others to achieve. Celebrate with them when they reached their goals.

We should pay high regards to other for their success. Learn from the crab who escaped the bucket and be motivated by their journey. You’ll get out of the bucket, too!

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